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Interested in modernising those Critical Systems that just refuse to be replaced and are costing you a “bomb” to maintain?

Are you left with core, critical systems on a platform(s) that are costing you way too much to maintain and/or are dependent on people and skills that may be nearing “end of service”? If this rings true for you/your organisation, then The Business Agility Group Pty Ltd (The BAG) may well have a solution for you.

Typically systems stay in place because the functionality they deliver to the Business just works, system replacement/ modernisation means changing the Business Processes to fit the new system functionality and simply the Return on Investment (RoI) is often just not there! Therefore, what if there was an approach that offered you an Automated, or Near Automated, Migration of these core/critical systems, with like for like functionality, to a new platform in a cost-effective manner and you could choose the target technology and platform, internal or external (even Cloud) and we helped you get there as quickly and cost-effectively as possible?

This approach gives you:

  • Potential Financial and Operational cost savings in Technology, Infrastructure and Skills.
  • A modernised application platform, leveraging current technologies and architectures to deliver more Agile Business Solutions in a cost-effective manner.
  • Future-proofing your Delivery and Support of critical Business systems.
  • A way of staying ahead of the curve, offering modern solutions and capabilities at a far greater speed than before.
  • Business Agility at close to the Leading Edge, rather than remaining current at the Trailing Edge.

We firmly believe that it can be done cost-effectively, but not without its challenges from a People, Process, Culture and Technology perspective and that’s where we can help.  Put 2 Cloud (P2C), a division of  The BAG, can replace “key person and system” dependencies with modernisation processes that depend more on functions such as automation, testing and continuous integration, which will ultimately improve your capability currency, agility and bottom-line.

What we do

P2C assist businesses in moving their traditional (“legacy”) IT systems (which can take many forms) to modern platforms, including The Cloud, using a range of technologies and skills. We assist our clients with the People, Process, Culture and Technology aspects of transition and subsequent benefits, from a Cost, Process and Technology perspective.

To this end, P2C has developed a Service Delivery Framework, focusing on People, Process, Culture and Technology that is adaptable and tailorable to a range of Cloud requirements and scenarios, all of which are delivered in what we believe to be a very unique manner.  This framework is delivered by Senior Consultants who have a wealth of experience and skills to share with the transition from legacy support to modern cloud-based best practices –

“A managed service that consists of Processes, People and Technology,  underpinned with skills, knowledge, flexibility and mobility, to provide Businesses the ability to “flex” their traditional Development and Test requirements, on demand and in a far more responsive and cost-effective way than ever before.”

The key driver for P2C is not Technology, but rather People, Process and Culture – technology is the easy part as the hardware and software to make our offering a reality is a small component of what we offer.  Making this a success is about having the right talent pool from which to select the skilled resources to embrace and drive the change, as well as the processes that map on to the technology enablers.

If this capability resonates with you, please click on the “Request More Info” button below and we’d be happy to respond to your query and/or send you our Data Sheet, if you would like …

Our background

The BAG is constantly working at creating and implementing innovative methods to add value to its Client relationships and the market in general.  It is constantly looking at effective ways to partner with innovation and expand its talent and skills base of specialist IT resources.  It does all it can to attract the most experienced and reliable individuals in the marketplace today, regardless of where the IT specialists are throughout the Region.  This innovation has led to the creation of P2C.

he forming of P2C came from The BAG service, The Grey Pool ©, along with the principals long-term experience in Service Delivery in the traditional IT landscape, as well as repeated requests from clients as to how/if a new modern paradigm for traditional Dev/Test could be implemented, reducing costs and dependence on key and perhaps aging, individuals.